Mille Ulivi is the creation of a team of Italian biologists and cosmetologists. It captures the beauty, quality, and charm of being made in Italy. Natural and innovative formulas combine the antioxidant power of extra virgin olive oil with active ingredients derived from the olive tree, to prevent skin aging.

Mille Ulivi is a unique, all natural, organically inspired combination of active ingredients derived from the olive tree and naturally occuring antioxidants found in olive oil. This unique combination soothes stressed skin, nourishes the skin to improve skin health, fights free radical damage and is non-irritating to any skin type.

Mille ULivi’s products do not contain petroleum derivatives, silicones, artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives or animal products. It is a natural and effective way to fight the signs of time. The borrles are encased in an exclusive olive wood dispenser individually hand-crafted by Italian artisans. Each dispenser is unique. Whilce the pattern of the Olive wood’s veins is never repeated, each hand carved dispenser tells a collective story about the Olive tree’s one hundred year life span.

Mille Ulivi combines the excellence of natural cosmetics with the distinctive creativity of Italian Art. This exlusive combination is a tribute to the total beauty created by different harmonies in perfect balance. Mille Ulivi horst he beauty and the propriety of the olive tree making its line sustainable, every bottle is made with wood recycled from the scrap of other productions. No healthy tree is felled to realize any Mille Ulivi products.


  • Anti Age Night Cream
  • Contour Eye Cream
  • Nourishing Day Cream
  • Repair Night Cream
  • Intensive Serum
  • Moisturizing Day Cream


Oleuropein is a chemical compound found in the olive leaf from the olive tree. Oleuropein has powerful antioxidant activity and can promote skin regeneration. It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Oleuropein can also help correct the signs of aging, prevent reproducing  the smooth fine liens, keep skin young and resilient, protect against oxidative damage, also against UV injury and effectively maintain skin suppleness and elasticity.

Polyphenols are chemical compounds found within the olive tree. Polyphenols protect against harmful UV rays in a unique way. They produce a pigment that provides photo protection on the skin, acting as a defense mechanism against the hostile environmental conditions. Photo protection occurs because the pigment produced by the polyphenols will absorb light, just as plants do. Polyphenols are also known powerful antioxidants acting as free radical scavengers. They account for wound healing, have an anti-inflammatory reaction on the skin and increase moisture retention.

Hydroxytyrosol, also a naturally occurring chemical in the Olive Tree, is believed to be the antioxidant with the highest free radical scavenging capacity.